Wednesday, June 08, 2011

VeriChip- Mark of the Beast- True or False?

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I did Google this theory - and found some interesting websites below that are worth a look. I'm not saying they're true or false, You need to discuss that with God... (I'm sure you feel similarly)  feel free to forward this back to others if you wish

I do believe we need to be aware of developing technologies, and keep up with breaking-news discoveries, etc - however, we need to find a balance.

I think all secular world news needs to be viewed with "God-goggles" and not necessarily be something of alarm that gets emailed around, especially an old PowerPoint from 2004. I personally find keeping an eye on biological & government-Big Brother type-things very interesting, but if emails are going to be sent out to lots of people, I feel they need to include up-to-date commentary & possible links, so as to better facilitate discussions of End-Time relevant topics like this.

Finally, I'm terribly excited I'm around at this Time in history, and think things like this (one-world order, dubious Gov projects, mega companies' bio research, etc) are more signs of the End-Times. We need to be informed and do our part (not perishing for lack of knowledge) but look to God first in everything, particularly as things get more crazy or worrisome.
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Ruth (this is a (very) US Conservatives site, caution please) (quote "While the thought of having implanted chips seems to provide a lot of good things such as information for medical emergencies, tracking missing persons, and making purchases simpler, there are a lot of concerns to be overcome.  One is security.  How secure would your chip be from people you don't want reading it? Plus, the conspiracy theorists do have a point:  Systems that have been enacted by governments for one purpose could be used for other, less honorable purposes.
Does all of this have Biblical significance?  It could if governments decided to adopt the technology and make it mandatory.  At present, it's commercial and voluntary.  But it's always good to be reminded that a "Mark of the Beast" type system isn't dependent on technology and could be implemented using something as simple as tattoos.") (Snopes is a "trusted" e-myth busting site, but terribly skeptical at times. They do explain the difference between types of micro-technology and chips),9171,1101030922-485764,00.html (Times/CNN article 2003, describes our everyday uses of RFID chips, just in case you didn't know or understand how it works) (someone's opinion and discussion that follows)