Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Logan-isms!!! :)

My big tiger Logan and his Coussie or partner-in-crime Alyssa have had their own words for things from when they were small, unique to them, as I’m sure many parents know... Words and names they insist on, even now. I’ll share two of my favourites with you  J J

“Muddle”, which is a much better and simpler description of a Mud Puddle to a 2 year olds thinking. This is different to a water puddle or any other kind of puddle, and not to be confused.

“Jumpaline”, known to grownups as a trampoline, which is just plain silly, coz everybody knows you don’t TRAMP on a jumpaline, you JUMP on it!!!

Logan is full of little phrases and sayings he’s picked up: “Aaooh maaaan!” with the appropriate forehead slap, when he’s forgotten something or left it behind.

Everything is “sick” with Alyssa at the moment. (Sick = gross, yukky) She’s picked it up from “big school”. “That’s SICK, Mommy!” and “Urggh, SICK, Logs, you pick it up!”

I'm also very proud to announce that Logan can pick up grasshoppers (even scarier brown ones!) by the "big scratchy jumping legs" like a pro! Very cool and collected, that is, when he isn't fighting off the kitten for rights to harass the hoppers she brings into the house in the evenings.

Very entertaining little ones, we have.
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